Paul Cattermole

Following a young interest in music, He was eventually spotted by members of 19 management and auditioned to became a member of the British pop group S Club 7, which wound up being a BRIT Award-winning British pop group created by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller. The group rose to fame via their own BBC television show which ran for 4 seasons, in addition to several television specials they also sold a whopping 16 million records worldwide and launched four number one hit singles in the United Kingdom. Paul became the first member of the band to leave in June of 2002, and he briefly appeared in Viva S Club.

Where as Paul had left the band, he can be heard on the Seeing Double track Let Me Sleep, which closes out the album. Following his time with S Club Paul rejoined a high school band Skua, after a few gigs and recordings the band split up for unknown reasons. Following the demise of that band, Paul joined a brand new group Charlie Bullet, which like Skua failed to gather attention from the public and they split up as well.

In 2007, there was an unofficial EP of songs put together by producers Paul had released called You Make Me Happy. Later that year Paul got together with former S Club member Bradley Mcintosh to do DJing at some clubs, the following year in 2008, Bradley & Paul joined Jo O’Meara to reform in a tiny reunion called S Club 3, or more commonly S Club Party. In 2011, Paul announced he was expecting to relaunch another band, in 2013 it was announced that he was fronting a cover band called Senator Sauce, the group was put together to play at parties and covers songs from 4 decades of hits.

In 2014, Paul rejoined Skua (the band he left S Club 7 for) and released the album “Kneel”. The album failed to gain public attention and the group seemingly broke up a second time. The following year Paul toured around with ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ playing the role of Eddie and Dr. Scott, where he was unfortunately injured.

The following years included a number of public controversies and taking a step back from the public eye. He became the manager at a radio station in his hometown for a period of time. In 2021, Cattermole reappeared online as a tarot reader on YouTube, offering weekly tarot readings for subscribers, and personalized readings for an extra fee.