Bradley McIntosh

At the age of twenty-one, Bradley auditioned to became a member of the British pop group S Club 7, which wound up being a BRIT Award-winning British pop group created by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller. The group rose to fame via their own BBC television show which ran for 4 seasons, in addition to several television specials and a hit movie they also sold a whopping 16 million records worldwide and launched four number one hit singles in the United Kingdom. S Club lasted the standard shelf life of any pop group and disbanded after 4 years.

Following the group splitting up Bradley laid low for a while recording several demo songs. Finally in 2006, Bradley was seen supporting charity Sports Relief by having a boxing match with Jack Osbourne. Following the boxing match Bradley laid low for awhile longer before coming active in MTV’s “Totally Boyband” in 2007. The Television show saw members from popular bands S Club (Bradley Mcintosh), 911 (Jimmy Constable), Steps (Lee Latchford-Evans), Another Level (Dane Bowers) and New Kids on the Block (Danny Wood) get together and form a band and release a music.

Prior to the release of the single Lee Latchford-Evans (Steps) left the group due to a rift in the group in the early stages. The debut single “The One” was released in October of 2008 and tanked in the UK Charts coming in at #35. Through-out their time as a band it was confirmed that the band had recorded enough material to be included on a full length album entitled ‘Other People’s Problems’. The album never saw the light of day and has remained unreleased.

Following the disbandment of ‘Upper Street’, Bradley began recording and producing songs under various names. Including “City Boy”, “City Boy Soul”, and “Party Dark” (just to name a few). In October of 2008 Bradley formed with former S Club members Jo O’Meara and Paul Cattermole for a mini-S Club reunion being billed as S Club 3 or simply S Club Party. The line-up has had various group line ups sometimes only including Tina, Jo, and Paul.

Bradley has worked heavily in music writing and producing songs for other artists including Bars And Melody and Robbie Glover. Bradley In 2017 Bradley welcomed his son, Kairo, with long time girlfriend.