S Club sat down with METRO to discuss their collaboration with the British Heart Foundation and they recollect “Good Times” with Paul!

S Club 7 are powering through the loss of their beloved bandmate Paul Cattermole as rehearsals for their Good Times tour are in full swing – but he will be with them in spirit every step of the way.

Original bandmates Rachel Stevens, 45, Tina Barrett, 46, Jon Lee, 41, Bradley McIntosh, 42, and Jo O’Meara, 44, are hitting up some of Britain’s biggest venues next month, kicking off the S Club party on October 12 in Manchester.

Sadly, their original noughties seven-strong lineup is no more, after Cattermole died aged 46 in April this year, just after the big reunion announcement.

Shortly after, 42-year-old Hannah Spearritt – Cattermole’s ex-girlfriend – decided to bow out.

The five remaining popstars – now branded simply as S Club – caught up with Metro.co.uk about their upcoming tour, grief, memories, their campaign with British Heart Foundation, and why – perhaps despite appearances – S Club are cool, actually.

‘We took some time out just to process what had happened,’ said Bradley on coping with Cattermole’s sudden death.

‘As soon as it happened we got in touch with each other and we spent some quality time, just reminiscing as well about the good times. Just giving us a bit of a break.

‘We’d just announced the tour so we just needed some space really just to kind of process it like I said.’

Ever likable Cattermole was, Jo said she could speak for them all in saying S Club will most miss his ‘cheeky chappy’ personality, and of course, his infectious sense of humour.

‘[We will miss] Paul’s loudness and craziness,’ she began. ‘He was such a cheeky chappy, so we will definitely miss his humour.

‘He had such a fantastic sense of humour, Paul did. He’d always be making one of us laugh, so he’s such a huge loss to us and we miss him very, very much.

‘But I think moving forward and us going on tour, he’s still very much part of every decision we make and everything we do, so he is always with us in spirit.’

Tina has one memory of Cattermole on tour that sticks out, and showed not just his extroverted, lovable character – but his sometimes-overlooked musical talent too.

‘He was a real character, a complete extrovert,’ she said. ‘He absolutely loved performing and one memory I do have was at our last reunion tour [in 2015], he played Reach on an acoustic guitar and everyone saw a different side to him.

‘We saw how multi-talented he is, that he was actually a very good guitarist. It was absolutely beautiful.’

Now, the gang are teaming up with the British Heart Foundation for a campaign in Cattermole’s memory.

They will also be dedicating the first night of their Good Times Tour to the charity – and getting the crowd involved, too.

‘You can make a heart symbol with your hands and hashtag #showyourhearts,’ explained Bradley, on how fans can make their own mark on the evening.

‘When the fans send in pictures there will be an opportunity for them to be a part of the show as well, so we’ll have them up on the big screens,’ he added.

Throughout September the band are urging fans to do the same on social media, making sure to include the hashtag.

According to the charity, one study found that Brits believe one in 27 people will develop heart and circulatory disease in their lifetime. Only three per cent of respondents knew the correct answer – 1 in 2.

‘I think if we can help save one life, we’ve done our job here,’ Bradley said.

Elsewhere on the tour, crowds – which will include a new generation of S Club enthusiasts in their OG fans’ kids, they hope – can expect one big ‘celebration,’ according to Rachel.

‘We just kicked off rehearsals, and it’s going really well. We’re just super excited to get back out there,’ she said.

The noughties icons are going to be bringing all the untethered party vibes, that’s for sure.

‘I think we’re so cool. We’re bloody cool,’ said Rachel, when asked whether S Club ever tried to be such a terrible thing.

Back in the day, Rachel explained how it was an ‘interesting time’ to be S Club 7 – a band famed for their infectiously cheesy, up-beat pop songs, alongside all the indie dudes – Oasis, The Strokes – skulking around the charts.

‘We were marketed as a very young poppy group, and then at the time there was lots of cool indie bands around, so we never had the cool label,’ she said, answering with a chuckle.

‘But you know what? I think it’s cool to be individual, unique and positive. So actually I think the message we’re spreading now couldn’t be more cool,’ she added.

‘Everything is great in its own way. I think celebrating all different music, people, individuality, and to be confident and happy in your own skin – that is cool. That’s what I tell my kids. Just be themselves.’

On the topic of cool, did Jo remember advocating for that mad-as coin belt in the 2000s? Well, it’s back with a bang, just like S Club.

‘Do you know what, I used to like rocking those. I think the 90s is back, so bring back the belt!’ she roared.

So if you’re lucky enough to be seeing S Club on tour this year, expect coin belt-energy and a load of S Club Party magic – just perhaps (as they mentioned a few times) without the backflips…