Jo O’Meara is a lovely celebrity. During her events she greets fans, and has dating back to her SC3 performances. However, during her hay-day during S Club 7 she had a less than pleasant experience with a fan.

It appears a group of fans were let into her hotel room after telling hotel staff that they were Jo’s cousin. In an interview with Daily Star Jo says “I had a couple in my hotel room, under the bed. And you’d get in and be like ‘Ah!’ And then you’d realise… You would just ask them very politely to leave. They were very nice and accommodating. I said ‘how did you get in?’ and they were like ‘oh, we said we were your cousin’.”

Following the encounter, Jo began to use a fake name prior to checking into hotels, Jo confessed to Daily Star that her fake name was Dave. Celebrities often use this method as a handy trick used on tours to protect her from being swarmed by fans after finding out where she was.

You can stream Jo’s new releases from We’ve Only Just Begun and Creep.

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