In a chat with The Sun, former S Club lead singer (and all around amazing vocalist) has announced that she will be recording reimagined versions of some of her favorite S Club songs.

“After the success of Don’t Stop Movin’ I had a lot of fans reaching out and saying, ‘Can you do Have You Ever’ or ‘Can you do this song’, [and] I thought, ‘Do you know what, the fans have been so supportive of S Club 7 and of me… I have now decided I’m going back in the studio to do a full album of the S Club 7 classics. I’m going to pick a couple of the songs I love the most from all the albums and I’m going to make an album of acoustic S Club songs.”

This follows the success of her acoustic version of the 2001 classic Don’t Stop Movin’ which originally hit #1 in the UK in April of 2001. The song subsequently won ITV’s ‘Record of The Year’ and ‘Best British Single’ at the 2002 BRIT awards.

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