Michael Cragg recently put together a book titled “Reach For The Stars: 1996–2006: Fame, Fallout and Pop’s Final Party” where he delves into the world of pop between 1996-2006. The book is set to include interviews with the faces of pop, including our very own Jo O’Meara.

In a preview of the book, Jo can be quoted saying:

“Not knowing what was next was a huge shock, [S Club] was so military and then it stopped so quickly. We were told what to do, told where to go, told when I’m eating. I didn’t know how to be without it.”

The book is set to be released 30 March 2023 and is available at Waterstones, Amazon, Rough Trade, and Resident Music.


Writer Michael Cragg has informed World of S Club via Instagram that Bradley is also featured in the book. Be sure to pick up your copy on 30 March 2023!!