Bradley McIntosh Interviews with Express & Star: “Dream comes true again”

When Bradley McIntosh connects to his Zoom, there’s a big smile and a glint in his eye, and the sort of bonhomie usually reserved to Lottery winners. But then, in a sense, that’s no surprise. For Bradley – like his S Club bandmates: Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Jo O’Meara, and Rachel Stevens – has won […]

Jo & Bradley talk with Euphoria to discuss the tour, vinyl’s, and TV streaming ahead of “Good Times” Tour!

S Club released their first single in 20 years, “These Are The Days” over two weeks ago. How have you felt about the reception of the song? Bradley: It’s been amazing. The fans have been amazing. The response has been great. I think it’s exactly what I think fans were expecting from us because it […]

Jo O’Meara & Bradley McIntosh Chat with Official Charts

Earlier today, Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh spoke with Official Charts and talk all things S Club! This autumn, S Club will honour the life of late bandmate Paul Cattermole on The Good Times Tour. Celebrating 25 years in music – from debut Number 1 single Bring It All Back to comeback track These Are […]

S Club’s Bradley McIntosh loved having his own fashion doll

Bradley McIntosh thought it was “incredible” that he got his own S Club 7 doll. The 41-year-old pop star shot to fame alongside Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt, Rachel Stevens, and the late Paul Cattermole – who died earlier this year at the age of 46 – in the late 1990s and […]

Bradley McIntosh recounts ghost stories and shares pre-tour lifestyle

In a new interview with DailyStar, S Clubber Bradley McIntosh has unveiled a ghost story from his touring days with S Club 3, breaks down his pre-tour gym regiment (and eating habits) and the question we’ve all been asking ourselves, does Kairo play with Bradley’s S Club doll? Read more below! S Club star Bradley […]

Bradley McIntosh: suggests new music on the horizon “watch this space”

S Club would “love” to release new music according to member Bradley McIntosh. S Club consisting of Bradley McIntosh, Jon Lee, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett, and Jo O’Meara – released a string of hit albums from 1999 until 2003 and are currently gearing up to stage their reunion tour and Bradley has teased that if […]

Bradley McIntosh Teams up with Hasbro for “Transformers Rise of the Beast” and Discusses S Club Reunion

S Clubber Bradley McIntosh has teamed up with Hasbro to promote the new toy collection for Transformers Rise of the Beast. In an exclusive interview with Metro, Bradley discussed the upcoming reunion tour with his S Club bandmates and some memories of Paul Cattermole. S Club member Bradley McIntosh couldn’t hide his smile as he […]

Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh Featured in “Reach For The Stars”

Michael Cragg recently put together a book titled “Reach For The Stars: 1996–2006: Fame, Fallout and Pop’s Final Party” where he delves into the world of pop between 1996-2006. The book is set to include interviews with the faces of pop, including our very own Jo O’Meara. In a preview of the book, Jo can […]

Bradley & Tina to appear on ITV’s “Celebrity Karaoke Club”

ITV is set to launch the third series of their television show “Celebrity Karaoke Club”. Our very own Bradley & Tina will be making an appearance on the first episode (set to air on 6 June 2022) as one contestant gets to live out their childhood fantasy by performing along members of S Club 7. […]

Bradley McIntosh featured on new Big Brovaz Song “Controlla”

Bradley McIntosh (also known as Citiboy) is featured on a new track called “Controlla”. The track is described as “…A bit Afro-Beat, a bit RnB, and a bit Hip-Hop. This fusion record will remind you of everything you loved about Big Brovaz.” Check out the music video on YouTube below! It’s so awesome to hear […]