In a new interview with DailyStar, S Clubber Bradley McIntosh has unveiled a ghost story from his touring days with S Club 3, breaks down his pre-tour gym regiment (and eating habits) and the question we’ve all been asking ourselves, does Kairo play with Bradley’s S Club doll?

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S Club star Bradley McIntosh has revealed how he was spooked by a ghost while on tour – and vowed the spirit of late bandmate Paul Cattermole will live on within the group.

The Reach singer was on the road with Paul and Jo O’Meara performing as S Club 3 when a mysterious figure shocked him from his sleep.

Bradley says: “I had some friends from Gloucester who wanted to see the show in Worcester so met me at The Whitehouse hotel.

“In the lobby area there was a bar tucked around the corner and it was dimly lit.

“My friend went on the fruit machine where there was a couch so I put my legs up. He tapped my foot to wake me up to say: ‘Come on, let’s get ready for the show.’

“As I looked up I thought someone was leaning towards me to take a picture. I put my hands up and went: ‘What are you doing?’ But there was no one there.”

Confused, Bradley shook off sleep, adding: “I said to my mate: ‘Where’s that blond guy gone?’ And he said: ‘What are you talking about?’

“It looked like there was someone who was wearing a long jacket like a raincoat but it was bright. As he leant forward the jacket opened up and I remember it being light.

“Jo asked the guy who worked in the lobby: ‘Is this place haunted? My friend thinks he saw something.’

“And he said: ‘Yeah, they did an episode of Most Haunted Live here.’

“I’m convinced. I know how real it was to me in that moment.”

Nineties chart-toppers S Club, behind hits including Don’t Stop Movin’, tour the UK in October to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

It’s dubbed The Good Times tour in the honour of the track’s lead singer Paul, who died from heart failure in April.

Bradley is clearly still dealing with the loss, saying: “Paul is always with us, he’s in our thoughts and hearts always.

“To us it’s still a raw subject but we’re coming up with cool ideas for the tour with 90s nostalgia.

“I had bulked up in the gym so now I’m getting rid of muscle mass to get nimble for the choreography.

“I’m doing the 16/8 diet where you can’t eat after 8pm or until 12pm.”

Before going on the road, Bradley is enjoying spending time with his son Kairo, six, after research from toy and game company Hasbro found more than half of UK parents said they were too busy to play with their children.

Marking the release of Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts toys, Bradley, 41, says: “I was a huge Transformers fan as a kid.

“You build trust and communication by playing with toys, so now I get more hugs. It’s about making the effort to try your best to limit screen time because kids are like sponges and learn from what they watch. Childhood was the happiest time of my life.”

Bradley reckons becoming a dad has changed him for the better.

He adds: “I’ve grown up a lot – Friday night for me is sitting with the missus and my son, ordering pizza and watching a film.

“I love a party but once I’m at the party you can’t get me to leave – so we’ll wait until the end of the tour.”

And does Kairo play with Bradley’s S Club doll?

He says: “My dad has a lot of the memorabilia and won’t let me have it, so I might have to buy one on eBay!”